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New Women’s Speedo Swimwear with Hydro Bra

For all of you female swimmers out there who have searched for years for speedo swimwear that provides support for the girls – and I’m not talking children here – but doesn’t look like it was designed 50 years ago, Speedo Swimwear has finally nailed the category with its Muscleback with new and improved Speedo® Hydro Bra. I went by AquaSportWest to try one on and provide feedback. I’m a retired swimmer and lifeguard who is usually in the water with a masters or tri-fit group. But unless I’m doing […]


Speedo Backpack

Speedo has made some great modifications to their 2014 Speedo backpack lines, in order to accommodate the wide range of swimmers who need to transport their equipment to and from the pool for practices. For the first time, Speedo is introducing a new medium size Speedo backpack, ideal for younger swimmers who can’t handle the weight of the larger Speedo Backpack, or anybody looking for a slightly smaller bag that still has the same function as the larger Speedo backpack. The new Medium size Speedo backpack will keep the classic […]


TYR Swimsuits

When shopping for a new swim suit, the TYR swimsuit with microback straps meets all the criteria: great fit, long lasting fabric, and styles and colors to fit your personalities. With this checklist in mind, a great choice for female swimmers of all ages and skill levels is the TYR Microback suit. TYR swimsuit with Microback straps is one of the few training swimsuits available with thin adjustable straps, to ensure you get that perfect fit. Whether you have a long torso and find suit straps tend to always be […]


AquaSphere Goggles

One of the most important accessories any swimmer can have is a reliable pair of goggles, and finding the right pair to fit your face can be tricky. For swimmers of all ages and skill levels, AquaSphere goggles are a great option for comfort and performance. Made in Italy, AquaSphere goggles are a favorite choice of triathlon and open water swimmers. The wider fit creates a more comfortable seal, and the treated lenses provide 100% UV protection when swimming outside in the sunshine. For those of you who like to […]