Out of the Lake and Into the Pool? How swim caps and other great ideas can prevent the green crunchies…..

The dog days of summer are behind us and, with them, those days of fresh water swims in the lake. With swimmers return to the pool, or at least increase in indoor hours, we all face the dilemma of slimy-when-wet and crunchy-when-dry hair. Every swimmer who has spent time in a pool is familiar with the challenge. Sure, that slippery, slightly green hair is cool at first and the chlorine shimmer when the sun catches your locks clearly marks you as a water baby, but we all know chlorine-soaked hair just starts to look dry and brittle and bad. So, what can you do about it? A few things.

First, get it wet. A wise hairdresser, who couldn’t stand the feel of my straw-like strands, told me to wet my hair with tap water or in the shower at the pool, before getting in the water. This way the porous hair is already saturated and can’t absorb the chlorinated water, or at least not as much.

Second, cap it. – We sell a rainbow assortment of swim caps from Speedo, TYR, Nike and even our own AquaSportWest brand. They come in a range of materials and styles to suit everybody from the highest level competitive swimmer to the All Star Flower Swim Cap for the hot tub fashionista.

Choose from latex, silicone, lycra or the latest high tech swim caps like the Speedo Fastskin3. All of them will protect your hair from the ravages of pool chemicals, some better than others. Lycra swim caps are more designed for hair management and some people wear them under their waterproof swim caps. Latex swim caps are less expensive and stay on like they’re velcroed to your head. However they also tear more easily and tend to pull your hair. Silicone swim caps are more expensive but last longer and are easier on your hair. And I’ve never heard of a silicone allergy. But if you’re looking for something more fun check out our selection of swim caps with sayings, or something like this Tyr Happy Fish Silicone swim cap. Kids love them and won’t think it’s about their hair!

Third, wash it out. Washing your hair with products such as Tyr’s 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner after each swim also helps. This particular product removes chlorine residue from your hair and leaves a thin protective film to protect it next time your in the pool.

And finally, condition, condition, condition. A good conditioner helps protect your hair and restores moisture as well. Some people like to put conditioner on their hair before they put their swim cap on. Not a bad plan but the conditioner tends to make the swim cap very slippery which makes it harder to keep on your head.