Speedo Backpack

Speedo has made some great modifications to their 2014 Speedo backpack lines, in order to accommodate the wide range of swimmers who need to transport their equipment to and from the pool for practices.

For the first time, Speedo is introducing a new medium size Speedo backpack, ideal for younger swimmers who can’t handle the weight of the larger Speedo Backpack, or anybody looking for a slightly smaller bag that still has the same function as the larger Speedo backpack.

The new Medium size Speedo backpack will keep the classic features, such as the media pocket and comfort shaped shoulder straps. As a competitive swimmer and daily carrier of my Speedo backpack, I absolutely loved the media pocket. It provides a safe and dry place to keep your ipod or mp3 player after warming up, and a space to pull your headphones through and listen to music hands-free while wearing your Speedo backpack. The new 2014 Speedo backpack will also introduce a larger cell phone and goggle pouch. The wet pocket and water resistant bottom will remain as well, a feature that I always appreciated for keeping my dry clothes and wet swimwear well separated. The new Speedo backpack will also come with a reinforced laptop pocket, perfect to keep your laptop or school books protected.

The Speedo backpack is the perfect bag to carry equipment, clothes and any other items you may need to and from the pool, while keeping them safe and dry. The Speedo Backpack is available in a variety of colors, from classic black to neon green. Come by Aquasport West to check them out for yourself!