Speedo Parkas Aren’t Just For Swimmers

Have you watched the Olympics and seen the swimmers in Parkas coming out for their races, clad in Speedo Parkas or Nike Parkas or Tyr Parkas? Well, they are not just for swimming. As a former swimmer and parent of swimmers and divers who spend hours at pools, often outdoors, I know the value of a knee length, fleece-lined, water resistant coat with a hood for hiding from the rain. But it wasn’t until one of the kids got a parka that was too big that I really began to appreciate the ubiquitous swim coat. The parka was ordered as an XL – believed to be a youth extra large – but when it arrived it was clearly an adult size. No matter to my daughter who was happy to shuffle round the pool like a mini Darth Vader for the summer but when the humour wore off and she tired of tripping over her costume like coat, we had to get her a new one.

But I was OK with that, as I had discovered the true and far-reaching value of a swim parka. While she toiled away in the pool I volunteered to keep her parka warm by wearing it while I sat poolside. It was warm and soft and dry and I loved it. Next I discovered its value as dog park fashion. I was very tired of coming home from a wet walk with the dog to find the legs of my pants soaked from waist to boot tops. The swim parka covered me right down to my boots. Better yet, when curious canines jumped up to say hello, I didn’t have to throw my entire outfit in the wash, I could simply wipe the paw prints off the polyester parka shell and hang it up to dry.

And it’s not just me that has realized that swim parkas are not just for swimmers, they are for anybody who has face the elements, inside or out. I see Speedo Parkas at soccer games and Nike parkas at the rink. Wise parents are buying Tyr Alliance parkas for track meets and field hockey tournaments. They are long enough to protect you from cold, wet bleachers and have safe zippered or Velcro pockets for your valuables. And you can buy them in just about any colour and justify your purchase as team supporter gear. In fact, bring the whole team and their parents to AquaSport West, suit up and stay warm in a super swim parka. They’re not just for swimming any more!