Suitable Swimwear for Swim lessons

Living on a planet that is more than 70% covered in water, it makes sense for us to want our kids to be water safe. What better reason to register them in swimming lessons. Once you’ve got them all signed up you need to decide what swimwear is best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a suitable swimwear:

– Don’t bare more than you planned to – There’s nothing worse than proudly diving into a pool, sporting your fancy new blue polka dot bikini, and have the bottoms slide to your feet and the top end up around your neck. Yes, speaking from experience here. Don’t send your poor child to lessons in an itsy-bitsy bikini, no matter how cute. They’ll spend half of the lesson repositioning the bits and the other half being embarrassed that they’ve bared their own bits. If wearing a two-piece swimsuit is a deal breaker there are lots of sensible options that will stay in place and look great. Nike, Speedo and TYR all make 2-piece swimwear suitable for full movement activities like swimming lessons or cartwheels poolside. They stay on through dives and flips and prevent distraction and embarrassment.
– For the child who turns blue in the pool – Aquasphere Stingray wet suit for kids is only $29.99 and, while it may not provide quite as free movement, it will keep the little shiverer warm. Most children that get really cold in the water don’t have much fat to help keep them warm or afloat so the wet suit offers the double benefit of warmth and flotation. You’ll often see instructors who spend hours at a time teaching lesson wearing one.
– No Tissue Paper in the Pool – Have you ever bought your child a great swimsuit for a great price then wondered why, after two weeks of lessons, they come out of the pool looking like they’re wearing a wet tissue? Low price swimwear are often made of low cost fabrics that don’t stand up to pool chemicals. A good long-lasting fabric like Endurance from Speedo, Nike NX or TYR Durafast are made from one-hundred percent polyester and designed to last in chlorine. You’ll pay a bit more than you would for lycra but the swimsuit will last longer than you can imagine. My kids grow out of their summer swim club training suits, which they wear daily from May to August, before they wear out. In fact we have a few around the house that are more than 3 years old and are still in great shape.
– Boys and Baggy – A lot of boys prefer big baggy shorts but it’s a bit like tying a boat anchor to their feet. OK, that’s maybe a bit extreme but the larger and baggier the shorts the more drag they create in the pool. And if your son likes to wear them slung low on his hips and really doesn’t have much to hang them on, there’s a good chance that the wet weight of those baggies might render them ankle socks (see bullet one on embarrassment). At AquaSportWest we carry jammers, an above-the-knee snug-fitting swimsuit, by Speedo and Nike and TYR that provide a bit more coverage than a brief suit but also won’t drag your kids down, literally. Reducing the drag can help your child learn to swim faster so make sure they are wearing the proper attire.