AquaSphere Goggles

One of the most important accessories any swimmer can have is a reliable pair of goggles, and finding the right pair to fit your face can be tricky. For swimmers of all ages and skill levels, AquaSphere goggles are a great option for comfort and performance.

Made in Italy, AquaSphere goggles are a favorite choice of triathlon and open water swimmers. The wider fit creates a more comfortable seal, and the treated lenses provide 100% UV protection when swimming outside in the sunshine. For those of you who like to get a workout in during your lunch break, they are also a great option if you want to avoid going back to the office with dark red circles around your eyes.

For further convenience, AquaSphere goggles are made with one touch buckles for quick and easy adjustment of the straps. These are great for kids who tend to rip goggle straps trying to adjust them, or adults who find adjusting their goggles an unwanted hassle. AquaSphere goggles are made with flexible silicone, making them easy to pack into tight spaces for traveling, or to throw into your swim bag without fear of breaking them.

All AquaSphere goggles are anti-fog treated and scratch resistant, which makes them a comfortable and reliable choice for any swimmer. AquaSphere has various goggle lines for men and women, ranging from smaller fit goggles to wider face masks, ensuring that you find a pair to comfortably fit your facial structure.

 As well as their men’s and women’s lines, AquaSphere’s goggles are a favorite with kids. They are available in several bright colors such as pink, orange and blue, and the wider mask is a comfortable fit for smaller faces.

 AquaSphere goggles are one of our most popular products; if you are looking for a new pair of goggles, come by AquaSport West today and try on a pair for yourself!