New Women’s Speedo Swimwear with Hydro Bra

For all of you female swimmers out there who have searched for years for speedo swimwear that provides support for the girls – and I’m not talking children here – but doesn’t look like it was designed 50 years ago, Speedo Swimwear has finally nailed the category with its Muscleback with new and improved Speedo® Hydro Bra.

I went by AquaSportWest to try one on and provide feedback. I’m a retired swimmer and lifeguard who is usually in the water with a masters or tri-fit group. But unless I’m doing backstroke and using them for flotation, these days, the girls need some support. Wearing a Speedo seven sizes too small is really not an option, even if the pancake effect keeps things from bouncing.

So I entered AquaSportWest as a skeptic. Sure, Speedo has finally solved my problem. Well, to my delight, they really have. I guess I provided the most powerful feedback by walking out of the store with my new Speedo in hand and a smile on my face.

The wide, soft band, that acts like underwire without the discomfort, combined with the mesh support and removable cups makes the Speedo® Hydro Bra very appealing. The fact that Speedo put that bra in a suit that looks like something a high level athlete would wear, creates the winning combination. The leg cut is not so high but perfect for someone that is not interested in a contemporary cut. And the neckline is high enough not to scoop the pool, even through a dive or push off the wall. Speedo’s Muscleback design provides wide, comfortable straps and a solid panel in the centre of your back for added support. And the Speedo Endurance Lite®: fabric is 100% chlorine resistant, which means it will last a good long time as well.

So there’ll be no more double-bagging the girls with a sports bra inside my Speedo. Now I’ll be wearing my new Speedo Muscleback with Hydro Bra.